The time has come for quality storytelling to emerge in virtual reality. Life of Lon is an emotional journey into space, under the ocean and through time. View the official website

A Return
to form

Games have gotten complicated. Remember when they were simple? We have a story to tell that requires no player death, no dialogue, and uses easy controls to tell. We plan on changing the way stories are told in VR.

A Personal Journey

Life of Lon has no lives, no experience points, no health bar, no pointless quests, no grinding. Instead, your journey will take you through brainy and involving environment puzzles as you find your way back to the stars.

Uncompromised quality

While big budget studio games focus on market research, segmentation and ROI, Life of Lon is being developed by a small team of passionate people focused on one thing alone: Quality. Quality in writing, art, music, animation, development and gameplay.

This is Yep. He will be your companion throughout Life of Lon.