Enter the Clockwork Universe

Ten Stories is the working title for a 660 page graphic novel trilogy that is told in both character and chronological order.

Broken lives, damaged goods

Ten Stories is the tale of how a community grapples with the machinations of a psychological terrorist- a butcher of the mind. It spans 20 years and focuses on the lives of police, politicians, and ruined people. 

Winding up the clock

Imagine a tale that unfolds in story order. You read a story from each character's perspective. Then, halfway through the book, everything changes. You're now reading the first page of each story, then the second page of each story- and the pieces of the clock open up to you. We are building 3 books that can be read both in story order and chronological order- which produces an entirely different understanding of the character relationships and storylines.

Five years to plot

This project began in a spreadsheet back in 2010 and grew to monolithic size. Unlike stories that can be written from beginning to end, the entire 20 year arc for each character needed to be figured out, then constructed in such a way so that there were meaningful chronological overlaps. A piece of software called clockwork is being built to enable us to outline such a complex construct.