Weekly Update - January 16, 2015


Another busy week at Block Interval! We've had some incredible movement on Life of Lon and we're really excited about what's next!

Life of Lon

  • Critter animation is under way (as you can see by the image in this post). We've got a lot of critter art that our very talented Courtland Winslow painted that is now being transformed by our lead animator Alisa Kober.
  • Our community named another critter! Check out Cedox! And make sure to like our Facebook page to vote on critter names each week!
  • Level design is under way.
  • We are still doing tests on how to animate Lon's face in an expressive enough way to tell our story.
  • Texture creation is under way.

Antiplane (working title)

  • Some music has been created
  • Development continues


  • Development continues


  • While the scope has been finalized for the Life of Lon demo, we are still working out the logistics of the weekly budget. We're hoping for an April kickstarter, so that will impact the speed at which we can work. More updates to come!

Thanks to everyone in our community who continues to root us on every day! It means a lot to us and motivates us on.