Weekly Update - January 9, 2015

It's been a busy week at Block Interval! Here's what we've been up to:

Life of Lon

  • Scoped out our vertical slice. We now have an hours estimate and budget!
  • History/lore writing updates
  • Character storyboard sketches
  • Face texture swapping tests for Lon
  • Head/body animation tests for Lon
  • Rough Yep rig created
  • Research into normal maps for development
  • Most of our team is now up and running on Unity/Sourcetree
  • A bunch of meetings to figure all this out

10 Stories

  • Character sheet updates


  • Development continues


  • Researched options such as Patreon and Crowdfunder for fund raising in addition to Kickstarter

Other stuff

  • We got a nice reception on Steam Greenlight for our concept! We are excited to get a gameplay video done so we can get a true greenlight entry up!
  • Killing nazis in the new wolfenstein

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