Introducing Life of Lon for VR


You most likely haven't heard of our studio. We're Block Interval- a decentralized creative studio focusing on games, graphic novels, and whatever else floats our collective boats.

In August of 2014, we started working on an artistic 2D sidescroller called Life of Lon. This game came from an original story idea I had that was further developed by my best friend Stephane. Together, we conceived of a trilogy- and ultimately a universe to play in with lots of opportunities.

After working through a great deal of concept art and music, we moved towards development. It became clear early on that telling this story would contend with living in a genre with limited appeal. We might not be able to communicate as much of the wonder of this world as we wanted to. I had already been investigating VR but at this point, it seemed like we needed to take it a lot more seriously. After a number of months of R&D with an Oculus Rift, Block Interval took on Darryl Dempsey- creator of the Therapeutic Heights Rift demo. From then on out- it was full speed ahead for Life of Lon in VR. We scrapped our old dev work and started over from scratch. 

Take a look at the official Life of Lon website. (desktop only currently- mobile is coming).

Thanks for reading this long update. We hope you'll join us and like our spacebook or twit our tweeter if that's your thing. Or just pop back in on our project update here from time to time.


Daniel Allen and the Block Interval team