Life of Lon: Flora and Fauna

Have you ever read a movie or game review and the reviewer said something to the effect of, "The environment was one of the characters." That's what we are attempting with our VR story game Life of Lon. The world you will travel through (or perhaps more appropriately, beneath) is called Paracosma- named after the first fictional VR world written about in Stanley G. Weinbaum's 1935 short story, Pygmalion's Spectacles.

I've asked our lead artist Courtland Winslow to give us a glimpse into each of these creatures, what the thinking was, and how they could add to the world of Paracosma.

Life Found on Paracosma

"This critter is a large pod that generated a bunch of smaller pods. The smaller pods would break off if brushed against, and eventually melt and pop, releasing a bioluminescent gel. Idea was to provide some interesting light sources in dark areas. "


"This bulbous bit of flora is sponge-like and hollow with fins
that flap to circulate liquid and release glowing spores."


"Algae/grass/moss stuff that would be great for areas with flowing water because it would both wave around (think fields of wheat in the wind) and release glowing spores."


"A hollow, glowing sponge."


"Inspired by those deep sea fish that unhinge their jaw and swallow prey much bigger than themselves."


"Like a parrot mixed with a really hands-y octopus."


"This one plays off of the energy-producing crystals we were planning early on. Sort of a hermit clam that lives inside one of the naturally-square bits that would break off."




"a mushroom, a bioluminescant coral, and a giant coconut crab combined, that stomps around on its knuckles."


"An amoeba that would use broken pieces of the crystals for energy. Its eye would be a chunk of crystal that it wore into a sphere/lens. The more they absorbed, the stronger they'd be."


"Inspired by creatures from an episode of Ren & Stimpy where they're on an alien planet. Combined with a really creepy octopus."


"Starfish/snail that would release tons of smaller, glowing starfish/snails."


"My favorite. A three-legged parasitic crab that would develop these large glowing sacs that would act as bait. They'd lay on their backs and release the bait on a tether to attract large predators (something like a whale). Once something came to eat the glowing bit, they'd dig their legs into it and hang on."


"The Party Pineapple. Ok, so this one's my favorite too."


"Like a spider meets a flashlight meets an octopus."


"Just a small, glowing plant that would be a convenient light source."


"Tube-worm looking things that provide light until you disturb them and they retreat."


"Bioluminescant sand dollars."


"Pods that bloom and provide some light."


"Alien snail with angler-fish-like glowing bits."


Visit Paracosma Soon!

We're hard at work bringing Courtland's artistic visions to virtual reality with Life of Lon. Expect to see our first trailer soon, and if you're at VRWC or SVVR this month, come by and play our demo!

Since 2014, Courtland Winslow has been providing fantastic art leadership on Life of Lon.

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